Distractions of an Aspiring Author

Hard to believe a week has passed and I’ve missed my self imposed deadlines of writing a blog entry twice a week, but this week I feel it was time better spent. No, I didn’t lock myself away in a hotel room and pen my next masterpiece, I did something far more important. I laid the foundation. Writing is a lonely art, as I am sure many of my readers have experienced, it can be a thankless task, with only your own internal critic to share your efforts with. I enjoy my late night inspiration-fueled writing and the studying of…
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Tools of the trade: December 2011

Its been a busy few days. I’m discovering so much about so many online tools. I started with Evernote and it’s really impressing me. I found about it thanks to @michaelhyatt It’s a fantastic piece of software and ideal for my planning and organizing, both for my current project of investigating writing techniques, tips, useful resources, even grammar tips and to gather ideas for future writing. Moreover it is helping, my normally frantic mind, focus on my future interests in publishing, Kindle, interview questions and styles, website designs and my own personal interests.