First Step: Madrid Writers’ Club Anthology Published

First Steps : The Madrid Writers’ Club Anthology was been published yesterday, December 20th on Smashwords! So thrilled and learned a lot in the process. Anthology Introduction Each of the ten stories are written to depict a main character travelling, either in flight or on a journey of self-discovery. This collection takes the reader from Cuba to the Arctic to fantastical worlds, where animals talk and seals reveal their true nature. Airports and aeroplanes share pages with rowing boats, subways and horse-drawn carriages. I’ll be telling more about the process later, but for now here’s a taste of one of…
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Mood is a Literary Element. Let’s Get Moody.

By David Nevin In literature, mood is a literary element that evokes feelings or emotional reactions in readers through words and descriptions.   “Tone” is the writer’s attitude that is expressed in the writing whereas “mood” is the feeling the reader gets from… → The post Mood is a Literary Element. Let’s Get Moody. appeared first on Madrid Writers’ Club. …read more Originally published at:

November 25th: Madrid Writers’ Club Open Mic #MwcOpenMic

By David Nevin The 7th Madrid Writers’ Club Open Mic will take place on November 25th. The evening is open to reading of poetry, short stories, flash fiction, spoken word and non-fiction. Anyone can read and/or just come to listen. English and Spanish… → …read more Originally published at:

Don’t Sweat the WordPress theme

It’s late and I’ve spent the last few hours changing, tweaking, searching and previewing a plethora of WordPress themes. I won’t go into the list but I was looking for something that looked clean, and easy to read on mobile and desktop displays. I wanted a theme that allowed me to use a featured-post image alongside excerpts on my home page and that didn’t repeat the featured image when a visitor clicked and went to read the post. This was not something I found. I then spent the better half of an hour looking for a way to edit the…
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Thinking of starting a writing club, read me first.

The Madrid Writers’ Club has held over 130 weekly workshops since it was founded in 2012. Every week 15 to 20 people turn up  and we’ve all benefited from the community that we’ve grown around us. The first years workshops I researched, ran and promoted myself. Since then other members have taken up the mantle and now entering our third year, I run one meeting a month. These are the 4 reasons I set it up 1. I decided I wanted to pursue writing seriously. I’d been writing for years. I wrote school-boy poetry, children’s stories for my siblings, later…
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Simple Guidelines for Writing Meeting Posts for the Madrid Writers’ Club Blog

By David Nevin Aim: At our meeting on May 27th 2014 in Madrid we worked together to outline a guideline document for club meeting posts. The guideline, shown below, is to help meeting hosts when writing posts for the Madrid Writers Club blog.… → …read more Originally published at:

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